Raiola wants Ibrahimovic to stay at Milan

Raiola wants Ibrahimovic to stay at Milan

The summer transfer campaign has already brought a lot of interesting news for the Milanese club, and one of the most interesting is the arrival of the legendary striker Ibrahimovic.
The Swede has already become a symbol of the success of the team, as he scored a lot and helped the club to win the Scudetto. However, the team needs to strengthen the position of the main striker, as well as the defense, and the signing of the player from Manchester United is a good start.

The transfer of the Swede to the Milan is a great opportunity for the club, as it will allow the team to strengthen its position in the standings. The team will be able to do this by signing the player, who will become the main player of the attack.
However, the signing will not be easy, as the player has to undergo a medical. The club is ready to pay a high price for the player.
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Milan’s chances of winning the Scudo
The team has already managed to get into the Champions League zone, and it is now the main goal of the management to get to the next stage of the tournament. The main rivals of the club are Juventus, Inter and Napoli.
In the current season, the Milan has a good chance of winning at the tournament, but it is not a guarantee. The players of the Turin club have a good game, and they have already managed the Scudos of the Champions.
It is worth noting that the team of Allegri has a great chance of getting into the next round, as they have a better chance of playing in the group stage. The previous season, Juventus was the main rival of the players of Allegro, but they managed to win only the second place of the group.
Moreover, the coach of the squad of the Juventus has recently left the club. The reasons for this are not clear, but the team has a serious lack of motivation.
Juventus has a long bench, which is not always a good thing for the team. The situation is not so bad for the fans, as there are several matches ahead, and many of them will be played in the Champions Cup.
If the team manages to get out of the groups, it will be quite difficult for Allegri to get the Scudi, as many of the teams in the tournament are quite strong.
Main squad of Napoli
The main squad of Italian football club Napoli is quite strong, and this is one more reason for the coach to get a new player. The player will not only help the team in the attack, but he will also become a great asset to the club in the defense.
This is what the club needs, as Napoli has a lot to do in the next season, as its main competitor is Inter. The Italian club has a number of problems, and if the team does not solve them, then it will not have a chance to get in the elite division.
Napoli is one the main contenders for the Champions league, and in the current campaign, the club managed to score a lot. This is another proof that the players are not tired, and are ready to fight for the title.
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Will the team be able not to miss the Champions?
The current season has already shown that the Napoleons are not the team that can be considered as a favorite of the European cups. The coach has recently changed, and he has to find a new coach for the squad.
There are several candidates for the job, but Allegri is the main one. The current season was not a good one for the players, and their results were not very good. The fans are not happy with the results of their favorite team, and so far, they have not managed to change the situation.
For the club’s fans, it is important to see the results in the matches with other teams. The new season will be very difficult for the Napoles, as their main competitor will be Inter.
Inter has a better bench, as compared to the Napolians. However the club has also a lot more problems, as Allegri does not have enough motivation. The squad of Allegre has a chance of fighting for the champion title, but in the long run, it has a very difficult task.
All the latest livescore of the Inter
The season of the Serie A has come to an end, and now it is time to see who will be the main contender for the gold medals. The last season of Serie A was not so successful for the Inter, but this time the club is not as weak as in the previous season.
As for the main team, the situation is much better than in previous seasons. The Inter has a strong bench, and there are a lot matches ahead. The results of which will be a good indicator of the performance of the coach.

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